Henry "Gene" Burton Sr Memorial, Post 13 Sitka, Alaska

Our Auxiliary Unit Post 13 was Chartered on February 21, 1921.


 Freda B. Johnson, Irene Guthridge, Kathryn K. Harding, Edna E. Polley, Mary E. Powers, Clara M. Conklin, Louise S. Hansen,Winnifred K. Stabler, Florence G. Mills, Teresa Beauchamp


In 1922, the Secretary of the Navy turned the issue of cemetery maintenance over to the War Department. In June 1924, upon the recommendation of the Alaska governor and the American Legion Post 13 Sitka, President Calvin Coolidge signed an executive order designating the site Sitka National Cemetery. Since then, there have been several acreage modifications: in 1925, a revision of the executive order reduced the acreage from 3.98 acres to 1.19 acres; in 1957, Sheldon Jackson Junior College donated approximately one acre; a donation of 0.20 acres was made in 1959 by the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church of the United States; and the Department of Interior transferred approximately two acres in the mid-1980s. Sitka National Cemetery currently encompasses 4.3 acres.